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Creative Brief


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1. About your organization

Organization’s mission statement

Services / products provided
Insert any relevant product/service information here – why it’s different from anything else on the market. What is unique or exclusive about your products? Why do people choose your products above your competitors’?

History of the organization
Insert any relevant background information of the company. Describe what your company does. How long have you been in business, how many employees, geographic spread, etc.

2. What is your vision and objectives for your website?

What is your vision for your new website?
Please insert the key message/proposition here (short as possible please).

What are its objectives?
What do you want to achieve?

What are the intended ‘deliverables’ to the public, your key audiences and your organization?

3. Target Audience

Be as specific as possible about the target audiences for your site. Provide as accurate a breakdown of the demographics as possible, e.g. gender, age groups, location(state, national, international, rural, city), interests. Provide some assessment as to their likely experience using the internet.

4. Project management

Explain the management structure within your organization for building the site.
Who are the decision-makers, their respective roles, internal decision-making procedures.

Detail your expectations regarding project status reports.
How frequently you want to meet with the designers, what is expected by way of reports, how disputes are to be resolved

5. Design preference

Describe the branding & identity to be used for the website
Does it need to complement the organization’s existing branding (logo, font, colors) or is it purposely different?

Are there any websites you like
Please provide a few links to sites you like, that have design elements you may want to include on your site.

What style font would you like sans-serif or serif
Please insert the key message/proposition here (short as possible please).

Current marketing material
Please list the current marketing material and campaigns that you are actively pursuing at the moment that we will need to make allowances for. Are examples available?

Corporate style guide
Is there an official corporate style guide the designer needs to follow? This would normally include logo usage rules, fonts and hex colors.

Describe the style you want to achieve with your site design in short.

What specific colors would you like for your website?
If web safe or exact colors required please provide the RGB values.

Specify what imagery should be used
Please provide links.

In your own words
Is there anything else you would like to mention about your design preferences / requirements?

What is your budget
If you don’t know your budget for the website. You may want to do a little research before submitting.